Sam Brown


December 2016
29th: What I learned sharing daily on Instagram
August 2014
8th: Designing the new Foursquare
April 2013
23rd: Designing for better first impressions
February 2013
11th: The xx: Tiny Desk Concert
August 2012
28th: Great architectural experiences in NYC
June 2012
7th: Not getting trapped in incrementalism
December 2011
1st: The challenges of working remotely
November 2011
30th: It looks like a Beautiful Mind moment...
29th: Paper is like a screen that never turns off
21st: Do things the long, hard, stupid way
15th: The redesign of
April 2011
12th: Checking into full-time employment
February 2011
8th: The Manual - an upcoming limited-run print magazine
October 2010
1st: Must attend Web Design Conferences
August 2010
24th: My passion for Side Projects
18th: Debates over terminology and semantics are for...
13th: Influence vs Inspiration by Cameron Moll
June 2010
29th: To Bumper or not to Bumper, the iPhone 4 Question
28th: Improve handling of kerning pairs & ligatures in latest browsers
16th: Helping people connect through friendly recommendations.
10th: Endorse - What it is and what it is not.
2nd: On Competition and Recommending Others
May 2010
20th: The difference between a graphic designer & interface designer
16th: Billings Case Study
7th: Empowering Users with Two-Sided Incentives
6th: Should Website Budgets be Required Info
April 2010
26th: Massive Blue - My Realigned Portfolio
21st: Design Feedback is Good
6th: I love work, just not hard work.
1st: Online and Telephone Banking Security Gone Crazy
March 2010
18th: Your Guide to the City at WooThemes
7th: Fresh out of school, you are a technician not a professional
3rd: Web designers who can't code, need to read this book
January 2010
29th: Allowing visitors to leave comments has many benefits
24th: How-to register an International Domain Name
20th: The importance of teaching your clients and being the boss
13th: Helping Carbonmade keep their finger on the Pulse
5th: How to stay sane when freelancing from home
3rd: Project52 - A personal challenge
December 2009
22nd: Bulletproof Rounded Corners with Border Radius
11th: Our Snowy Christmas Tree
10th: Learn To Fucking Spell
9th: Getting rid of the dotted border around links the right way
November 2009
27th: URL ABC
24th: Jeffrey Zeldman On Self-Promotion
19th: Voice morphing for your iPhone!
17th: 5 Essential Document Templates for Freelance Designers
October 2009
21st: The New Posh CSS Team
20th: Rethinking The Fold - Presentation Ammunition
12th: Alternative iPhone Home Screen
September 2009
29th: Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World
14th: Andy Budd on the UK film and TV industry
August 2009
31st: Andy Rutledge on The Trouble With RFPs
29th: Xbox Sam - me and my Xbox 360 gaming escapades
24th: Art & Copy - a film about advertising and inspiration
16th: David Airey's Design Pricing Formula
13th: Proof of Income: A Freelance Problem
6th: Elliot Jay Stocks on The Font-as-Service
July 2009
16th: Collecting deposits or retainers before starting work is a must!
13th: Do you book work in advance or fly by the seat of your pants?
6th: Zeldman - In defense of web developers
June 2009
26th: I feel most inspired... and Elliot Jay Stocks
16th: Fever° Red hot. Well read.
15th: CSS3 is here and now, lets use it
9th: Google's replacement to Quicksilver, by Quicksilver author
8th: We are a service industry
1st: Some lingering concerns about Typekit
May 2009
25th: .net Tutorial: Build a tumblelog with Textpattern
15th: Service Industry Day Rates Explained
11th: The new Massive Blue
10th: Why I Fire My Clients
April 2009
30th: Advertising is the economy of the web
28th: Hey, lose the pedantic negativity
27th: How to improve with 1 line of CSS
23rd: Why I think SEO is bullshit
20th: Tweetie for Mac - A leap in the right direction
17th: Create pixel type for use with Cufón
16th: I hate Twitshirt! I want to opt out.
6th: Matt Brett on Tax Time as a Freelancer
5th: This is how Social Media really works
1st: How To Create A Great Web Design CV and Resume
March 2009
31st: Follow up: Safari's text-shadow anti-aliasing CSS hack
23rd: Twouble with Twitters on Current TV
13th: Two Sides of the Same Coin - An Interview with, well, me!
11th: Why you should reconsider working with friends and family
February 2009
26th: 10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website
23rd: Redesigning - A few of my latest projects
16th: FeedBurner transition confusion resolved
11th: No more pixel perfectionism in IE 6
11th: Textpattern Admin Links - Save a click a day
9th: SitePoint - The Bushfire Relief Sale
3rd: Understanding desktop email clients
1st: 140 Characters - How Twitter Was Born
1st: 7 ways to stop alienating your Twitter followers
January 2009
27th: Feedburner Dashboard Widget - Update to Google API Spec
20th: RSS Feeds, some stats. Care to share yours?
1st: Does your job title command the respect that it deserves?
December 2008
18th: Receive Multimedia Messages on your O2 UK iPhone
11th: LittleSnapper, the holy grail of screenshoting!
5th: RSS Feeds, full or excerpt... How do you eat yours?
4th: Safari's text-shadow anti-aliasing CSS hack
November 2008
26th: Touchgrind - Multi-touch Skateboarding for the iPhone
23rd: MobileSafari drops the protocol, next squash the www
19th: Respect your users, let them get up and get out
18th: A quick word on advertising
10th: Unnecessary action elements in user interfaces
October 2008
31st: target="_blank" - Do not go there
22nd: Just Launched: Burstoid
20th: Wilson Minor on Relative readability
12th: How will web designers survive the crunch?
5th: Webby convocation in Edinburgh this Wed
1st: Logbook for 37signals Backpack
1st: Top 10 tips to make your own web app projects
September 2008
29th: How much does it cost to be a freelance web developer?
23rd: Gary Vaynerchuk on Building Personal Brand
21st: XHTML and CSS is part of design.
18th: Twitter Favourites - Week ending 19th Sept
16th: Airbag Work Requisition Form
14th: Why I love being freelance
10th: dConstruct Conference - 1 week later
2nd: Brighton Calling - dConstruct 2008
August 2008
31st: How to get Copyright Notices right
26th: Coda 1.5 includes Clip management
18th: Twitter Etiquette: Using Twitter Politely
13th: Remindness Evolution of a Logo
13th: Personal blog, business blog. Both, one or the other?
5th: Remindness - Twitter-like Project Status Tracking
4th: Olive - A Web Application for Web Designers
3rd: Edinburgh Festival Fringe - To Go!
July 2008
28th: Win a conference ticket to FOWA 2008 London!
28th: Just Launched: Your Design in HTML & CSS
22nd: Font Conference - Comic Sans saves the day
17th: GoDaddy. Experience fail.
16th: No personal domain use with MobileMe?
10th: Command Prints from Christopher David Ryan
7th: Posh CSS looking for a new owner!
6th: My wave or the Shortwave?
4th: MATT from Carsonified - Hype Much?
3rd: 37signals phasing out support for IE6 this August
June 2008
30th: .sc Country Code Top Level Domain price hike
27th: EJS Appreciation Day on Flickr
24th: dConstruct 2008
23rd: Fifty Designers' Current Favourite Typefaces
17th: Fingerprint - Email Client Usage Statistics
15th: The iPhone 3G Upgrade Question by Gruber
12th: Texting Twitter could be costing you £££!
12th: New Apple Cinema Displays to be released soon
8th: Negative hovers piss Greg Wood off
May 2008
9th: Good evening and welcome to the...
9th: Inquisitor joins Yahoo!
7th: My Bookmarks Bar in Safari
4th: Grand Theft Auto hates Web 2.0 too!
April 2008
24th: A Collection of Clips for Panic's Coda
20th: Future of Web Design Wrap Up
15th: London Calling - Future of Web Design
13th: Commented On Public Beta Now Available
7th: Commented On Coming Very Soon
4th: Dean Allen is Alright
2nd: A Thank You Package from Tim Van Damme
March 2008
31st: Logitech VX Revolution Review
26th: 9 Must Install Textpattern Plugins
26th: Malarkey works for money, as do I.
18th: Safari 3.1 - Great Update for Web Developers
17th: Moo MiniCards
12th: Wordpress vs. Textpattern 2008 by Natalie Jost
9th: is For Sale
7th: Amazons World Wide Prices, Epic Fail
6th: I will be at Future of Web Design 2008
5th: Steve Jobs knows how to focus
5th: Beta Testing IE8 No Thanks!
4th: Commented On Beta Testing
2nd: Some great new Textpattern Powered Sites
February 2008
27th: Commented On is...
26th: Design is a process says Shaun Inman
25th: Mock-up: Textpattern Bookmarklet
22nd: Fridays are Happy Days at Massive Blue
21st: This is confidential and not to be published.
21st: My Sidepath URL Redirection App released for FREE
20th: Always be aware of Receiving Payments with PayPal
19th: Textpattern URLs are broken, TXP Gods help?
17th: Accept PayPal Payments from your site in style
13th: Update, Jailbreak, Unlock iPhone 1.0.2 - 1.1.3
12th: 400th site added to We Love Textpattern
11th: How to install IE6 on Vista
7th: Graphic Design is... Pixels
6th: Twitter uptime causing havoc
3rd: Textpattern 4.0.6 released
1st: Multiple Amazon Associate Accounts = Pain
January 2008
30th: Safari has no Go button, why should it?
27th: No, you can't have some or any of my design!
25th: Web App Charts - Who's got your vote?
24th: How to display random forms with Textpattern
23rd: = Free Music & the Blog uses Textpattern
22nd: A List Apart advocating a return to Browser Sniffing?
21st: Things is helping me Get Things Done
17th: How to stop a low project completion rate
16th: Leopard remembers your volume settings, nice!
16th: David Watanabe rectifies Inquisitor happenings
15th: MacBook Air's price difference between models
14th: Mussels in Hoegaarden with Chips yum!
10th: Damn it Apple, fix the Safari Cookie problem already!
9th: The Shaun Inman (M)interview at Peppermint Tea
9th: David Watanabe and Inquisitor in the spotlight
7th: Display a print friendly logo when CSS is disabled
6th: Happy New Year all
December 2007
29th: Toshiba Equium A200-1V0 for Christmas
23rd: Fake Steve Jobs vs Apple Lawyers
22nd: Is this site powered by Tumblr? No.
20th: EJS: Transparent PNGs from App Icons Method
18th: Dan Cederholm is an 80 Percenter
12th: Write text and send, no wait... wrong person!!
11th: Cameron Hunt on
7th: The Rissington Podcast looks gorgeous!
3rd: Textpattern Bookmarklet
November 2007
30th: How to: 0 to 250+ subscribers in first 24 hours
28th: Why the Kindle Will Fail In Just One Sentence
26th: Email Addresses one for all or all for one?
26th: Posh CSS for the modern day web designer
26th: AJ is feeling the freelance industry pain!
26th: Say No to Spec Work
22nd: "a truly modest design" says Smashing Magazine
20th: Give up on Vista - Mac Ad
18th: Apple tracking their iPhones IMEI Codes
17th: MobileSafari ViewS by Shaun Inman
16th: Cookie problem with Safari 3.0.x temporary solution
16th: Cookies are gone again
9th: iPhone launches in the UK on O2
7th: End of Life for Messenger on the Mac
1st: Mac or PC Rap Music Video
1st: Converting .icns files to .png file format
October 2007
30th: Google confirms PageRank Changes
30th: Can I consolidate all of my Google Accounts?
30th: Sky+ & V+ please... record the whole show!
29th: TXPQ Interviewed Me
29th: Mac OS X Leopard Follow Up
28th: Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex - iPod Touch Ad
28th: Displaperture bringing rounded corners back
28th: Californication Font
28th: The $160 Billion Typo - Google
28th: 2D Leopard Dock at the bottom of the screen
27th: What is on my Dock...
27th: David Watanabe repackages Inquisitor for Leopard
27th: The Leopard stole my Cookies
26th: Mac OS X Leopard First Impressions
26th: Gary Vaynerchuck's 2 minute take on life
26th: Leopard has arrived.. early
25th: John Chow on the recent PageRank downgrades
23rd: MacStumbler Crashes, get iStumbler instead
23rd: LaCie 500GB External HDD Designed by F.A. Porsche
22nd: The sender didn't pay full postage
19th: Incase don't like UK / International customers
16th: 10 Days until Mac OS X Leopard
15th: I think I paid too little for Radiohead In Rainbows
12th: 5 Star Ratings in iTunes are a pain in the arse
11th: How to display your Feedburner Count as Text
9th: Morgan Webb on Google reaching $600 per share
3rd: Amazon Makes You Lie to Log Off
1st: Sniper One by Sergeant Dan Mills, Book
September 2007
26th: Facebook now Remembers Me
25th: Apple on iPhone Unlocking
25th: Web Replay Password Manager
24th: Black and White TVs still exist?
24th: Have your stolen Mac call home
19th: Activating Voicemail button on my unlocked iPhone
19th: Managing Multiple Personal Passwords
18th: Apple choose O2 for UK iPhone on Nov 9!
18th: Google loves IE just as much as Firefox
17th: Xtorrent 1.1 Released
17th: Customising the Date Format in Textpattern
17th: A new style for this site
12th: Dave Shea on iPhone Unlocking
June 2007
18th: How to remove www from your domain name
May 2007
9th: Helvetica at 50
7th: Realigning the blog while not redesigning
6th: Favelets
April 2007
30th: How SPAM Links can influence Adsense Earnings
October 2006
17th: Steve Jobs: Just put it in her ear
7th: Sidepath Launched
6th: Spirited Away
September 2006
20th: Design is... better late than never (meme)
13th: iTunes 7 with CoverFlow Included
10th: Sidepath Launched and How to use it at the top-level
August 2006
28th: Skip to Content Link hover at top of site
24th: Beta Testing Starting Soon - Sidepath
23rd: Mac Developers making it even easier to install apps
20th: Quick Tip: Develop using Subdomains
November 2005
27th: How to put ads between posts in WordPress v1.5
October 2005
13th: Apple UK, no longer free, and not cheap!
September 2005
9th: Moto iTunes Phone vs SE Walkman W800i
7th: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
August 2005
31st: Helpful AppleScripts for iTunes on the Mac
26th: Sony Ericsson W800i - My review & opinion
21st: Sony Ericsson W800i - Before Arrival
12th: Single Image Rollover Buttons using CSS
8th: RewriteRule examples for Simple PHP Pages
2nd: Apples Mighty Mouse; and its Halo Effect
1st: Apple being a proprietary brand, non-issue
July 2005
21st: Which Mac Browser to use
13th: Death of 2Advanced, FI & other Flashers?
June 2005
28th: Time for me to GoGo back to Scotland
27th: Zoom Layout for Low-Vision Users
26th: How to get music from iPod back onto Mac
7th: Compact Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird
6th: Podcasting AudioBlogging, What to Call it?
5th: Choosing a Good Domain for your Business
May 2005
25th: A musical baton
25th: Phone Spam
22nd: Want the Sith DVD? Go to Usenet
16th: .htaccess Redirect
12th: Teenager's iPod goes boom
7th: Boys Can Cook and chop their fingers off
April 2005
30th: BigPond Broadband Cable Login
21st: NewsFire
19th: When too much, is just too much!
18th: Money does not make you happy?
10th: FontAgent Pro 1 Extensis Suitcase 0
6th: iStumbler around in the dark
3rd: Sorting Email
3rd: Aria Restaurant
March 2005
28th: Anatomy of my menu bar
27th: Hello, Sam speaking
26th: Quicksilver
21st: iPod socks
21st: Giving Internet Explorer what it needs
20th: CSS Hacks for IE PC & Mac
20th: xScope
16th: GoogleX-less
15th: GoogleX
15th: Hijacked, before I even got onboard!
13th: Why am I uninstalling iChat/AIM?
10th: iPod Sound Check
7th: Schweppes
February 2005
22nd: Plumbers
17th: Shop at DeviantART
17th: Restaurant Balzac
14th: skEdit & iScroll
14th: do a google
10th: Clean URLs in Textpattern
8th: Smart Playlists
6th: Naked Bookmarks
6th: Memorable Faces
5th: Photography
5th: Forty Foot Echo
4th: Round up Round up
3rd: Google shares? Yes please!
3rd: iPods causing a stir on Microsoft campus
2nd: Google: Starring Elmer Fudd
January 2005
24th: Calculator disappeared on OSX
23rd: One Tree Hill
16th: My My My
9th: SpamCity
December 2004
14th: Google Campus
8th: Happy Birthday to S(p)am
8th: Taurine
6th: Me!bourne
1st: Shutterfly
November 2004
25th: Melbourne Inbound
15th: Dirrrrty Dancing
10th: Real Eyes Realise Real Lies
9th: Internet-less
5th: The Beano
2nd: Makybe Diva
1st: Domains & Hosting
October 2004
31st: Happy Halloween!
29th: Todo
28th: What happens at 3pm?
19th: suffocation
13th: hot hot hot
5th: A little less conversation...
September 2004
26th: My iLife
24th: A step back into.. Enemy Territory
23rd: iPod - do you?
16th: Apple rocks my socks
16th: Irn Bru
15th: Mozilla
14th: Permanent Residency
12th: Firefox 1.0 Final PreRelease: Tuesday
5th: Your order has been shipped
2nd: Gluten free anyone?
August 2004
31st: So much to do, too little time
26th: iApple
20th: Microsoft SP2 vs Mozilla Firefox
16th: Mobile Blues
15th: Portfolio on Ice
14th: Windows SP2 due Wednesday
12th: Wisdom tooth
10th: 1461 days today
8th: Taronga Zoo
7th: Friday
4th: What's happening?
2nd: 600 hits a second
1st: Redesigned on a subdomain
May 2004
31st: An infamous Picasso quote

Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.