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It looks like a Beautiful Mind moment...

foursquare redesign photo

But in reality I find this is the best way to see a project as a whole. While printing out your entire site isn’t exactly environmentally friendly, or cheap, it is massively beneficial to see the whole picture. Flicking between tabs of different views simply doesn’t compare. Have you tried this?

Our Snowy Christmas Tree

It’s that holiday season again and we just put up our Christmas Tree! Have you done yours?

Snowy Christmas Tree

Alternative iPhone Home Screen

Alternate iPhone Home Screen This alternative home screen for the iPhone by Geoff Teehan of teehan+lax is something I missed initially while I was away on vacation but is something I would desperately love for Apple to implement.

“We envision it behaving in much the same way that the list view does in the Calendar application. By default it may track things like missed calls, unread emails and calendar events. But what if users could allow other apps to feed into this screen as well?”

It appears as though Geoff and his team actually plan on building a working version of this which I hope will quickly be snapped up by Apple themselves. Check out their blog post iPhone Needs a New Home for a longer scrollable version of their concept that I can’t wait to play with.

Command Prints from Christopher David Ryan

These gorgeous prints just arrived in the mail this morning. If you haven’t seen Christopher David Ryan’s work you should really check it out.

Command Prints

You can grab a set of these prints from Chris’ My Little Underground where he sells some of his other fabulous work.

EJS Appreciation Day on Flickr

So it’s a slow Friday morning when Sarah and I decide to have a little fun with a rather fetching photo Elliot Jay Stocks took of himself a day earlier. The idea caught on pretty quickly and the result:

From left to right; Elliot, Me, Sarah, Tim and Cole. Have a great weekend all.

Update: Seems this, dare I say it, meme is catching.

The ever illustrious Shaun Inman has joined in, while Jason Cale thought he could get away with deleting his, Hamish Macpherson says Inman made him do it, Sam Hardacre, Marko Mihelcic, Dan Rubin and Francis Booth. Anyone else? :)

New Apple Cinema Displays to be released soon

New Apple Cinema Displays are going to be released really soon! How do I know this you ask? Because I just purchased the 23” HD Display, and as with all of my previous Apple purchases new products aren’t far away!


That said, I am super happy with the current model which is absolutely gorgeous! :)

A Thank You Package from Tim Van Damme

My good friend, fellow designer and Textpattern lover Tim Van Damme sent me a wonderful Thank You package all the way from Belgium.

Made by Elephant Package

I am truly honored to have received this, and really appreciate Tim’s sentiment. See more pics at Flickr.

Moo MiniCards

I have been meaning to order some new business cards for a short while now and I knew the Moo MiniCards would be excellent for the job.

Moo MiniCards

Moo under-estimated and over-delivered on the promise of MiniCards in 7-10 days and the quality is great, for a mere £9.99 a great purchase. You’ll have to find me at FOWD if you want one, or 5.

Mock-up: Textpattern Bookmarklet

This is something I have been wanting for a long time now, and sadly it is just a mock-up at this stage. Hopefully with a little traction we can make this happen.

Mock-up: Txp Bookmarklet

Graphic Design is... Pixels

My meager entry into Veerle’s What is Graphic Design Poster Competition.


There are a lot of great entries so far in the Flickr Pool, my favourite being Inman’s entry. Gorgeous.

Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.