Sam Brown

How to stop a low project completion rate

Last year I lost track of how many projects fell through and never got completed, even if I did still get paid for the work it is really unsatisfying spending days, weeks and even months working on something that never gets to see the light of day!

The answer? I need to better screen potential new clients and their projects, quality clients over quantity of clients is my rule for 2008.

Damn it Apple, fix the Safari Cookie problem already!

This just keeps on happening to me, I have had to replace my Cookies.plist file three times today alone!

There are plenty of threads at the Apple Discussion boards but no solution to a problem that was first noticed three months ago. The only time I have ever had to use Time Machine has been to solve this issue, perhaps thats what Time Machine was created for? Roar.

Write text and send, no wait... wrong person!!

Shit. I really need to get out of the habit of my pre-iPhone phones where you write the text message, choose the recipient and then send it. With the iPhone you choose the recipient first then write, then send. Completely different order and I just about ruined someone’s Christmas present. Oops.

AJ is feeling the freelance industry pain!

“The freelance design industry is rapidly deteriorating. … It doesn’t take much these days to find one of those bullshit web 2.0 cookie-cutter designs up for sale on your local forum marketplace for the amazing price of $40, $30, or even $15. $15 dollars for a fucking design?

The sad thing is what the so called freelance design industry has become. We currently find ourselves in the midst of a time period where shit loads of gloss, oversized buttons, and a gradient here and there are makings of a quality site – one that can be off the shelves within days.”

Have to say I agree on many levels, be sure to read the rest of Andrews (AJ from DevLounge) rant on his site.

Cookies are gone again

For some reason my Safari cookies have disappeared, again. As with last time I woke my computer up from sleep mode and they have just vanished! The last time this happened was shortly after the Leopard update to 10.5 and this time was shortly after the update to 10.5.1. Am I the only one this is happening too? Slightly irritating.

Sky+ & V+ please... record the whole show!

I am not sure what the state of affairs are elsewhere, TiVo users feel free to chip in, but here in the UK there are two services of similar nature. Sky+ from Sky and V+ from Virgin Media that allow you to Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and most importantly Record TV.

Both of these services have the exact same problem that is rife when it comes to recording shows. Please record from the start of the show to the end of the show, not the timeframe that the show is supposed to air in! The only shows I ever record are in the evenings and if for whatever reason earlier in the day a particular show or live event goes on longer than their estimated time the whole schedule gets bumped and my recording end on time, cutting off the end of my show!

This seems like a pretty obvious problem and I am surely not the only one noticing it, why is there no decent solution? For the time being I am recording the show I want to see and the show that runs directly after it as well. How pointless is this.

The Leopard stole my Cookies

So I was browsing the internet this morning on the couch, reading a few sites checking some accounts etc whilst having breakfast. I then plugged my laptop into my external hard drive and plugged the power in on my desk so it could charge and update Time Machine. A couple of hours later I wake my laptop to find all of the cookies in Safari have disappeared! WTF?

The sender didn't pay full postage

The RoyalMail kills me.. everytime I want to get something delivered I am pained by another hidden cost/tax/customs charge and today it was “Unfortunately we can’t deliver your item because there’s a fee to pay – The sender didn’t pay full postage.”

Granted I don’t know what this package is or who sent it (apologies for the rant to the person that did send it) but that doesn’t help the matter either.. what if I don’t know this person or even want the package? I still have to pay the fee to find out what it is.

This particular fee is an astounding £1.06! A pound!! (end sarcasm) Surely the person at the originating post office that accepted the package and took the original payment is the person at fault.. why is it that me, the receiver of this package, is dumped with the cost? Sigh.

Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.