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iStumbler around in the dark

I had always wondered what would happen if one day I turned up to work and there was no power. No power, no internet, no computer, no work. Well, today is that day. I arrived at work just after 9am came in and hit the light switch, put my stuff down hit the power button on my computer and went to the bathroom. Came back, and only then realised the light wasn’t on, and neither was my computer!

My first thought was obviously to check the fuse box, everything was ON, main switch, light, air conditioning, and power. Odd. The power did go out during the day several weeks ago but the main switch was OFF, and a simple flick off that fixed our problems. I called my boss, no answer.. probably in a meeting elsewhere.. who knows. So I made myself comfortable and grabed some breakfast that I just bought on the way.

Getting comfy

Which brings me to now. I fired up my Powerbook, and started to read the few unread emails in my Inbox, nothing terribly exciting. I then started to read some of the RSS Feeds that NetNewsWire had downloaded for me this morning. All in all that killed about 20 minutes. I called my boss again, and still no answer. And then I remember, a small application I downloaded a few months back that I thought cool at the time, but have never used since!



iStumbler is a small app for OSX for finding AirPort networks, Bluetooth devices mDNS services, and now GPS locations with your Mac. So I hit the AirPort plugin and was within several seconds displayed with a list of the other wireless networks nearby, our network wasn’t there as of course we don’t have power but their were two others. default and finland were found, and whilst default was managed and protected by WEP the finland network was unsecure and I could, and am freely accessing the internet via their open wireless network. Thank you Finland!

Now to try and get hold of my boss before my battery dies or Finland comes after me!

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Sean 10 April 2005, 05:45 #1

Did ever find out who ‘Finland’ is? More to the point, did they find you? :p

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