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BigPond Broadband Cable Login

I have been a BigPond Cable customer for a long time now. I don’t have very many complaints. I pay $70 a month for uncapped speeds which reach 650KB/s (5.2mbps), there is however a limit of 10GB of data transfer each month, after which my speeds are slowed down. Everythings pretty peachy with BigPond. However, my sole complaint is that to connect to the internet I have to launch a program, BigPond Broadband Cable Login. I had to do this on my Windows Machine, and I have to do it on my laptop too.

This is irratating. I got Cable because of the advertised “always on” internet scenario.. having to launch an Application to connect, while quick, is annoying. And to make things worse, it is as ugly as hell. Something had to be done, and seeing as BigPond aren’t going to be getting rid of this Application anytime soon, I had to go about prettifying(making it pretty) it myself. Below are the old and the new icons I created for the Application.:


Going about creating these icons was relatively simple, I opened up the Application package, extracted the six image files that BigPond designed, if you could call it that, Photoshopped them and came up with my own little icons that look much better in my Menu Bar. The icon can actually be turned off in the BigPond preferences but I like to know if and when I have been disconnected, and/or if the internet is connecting.

Download the Icons – Installation instructions are included.

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