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Boys Can Cook and chop their fingers off

Boys Can Cook
Several months ago I completed a job for a client at work; Boys Can Cook . The client was a close friend of my boss and was more a love job than anything. I had complete creative control over the site, the client didnt have any preferences, good quick fun. In return for continually updating the site for them, the client asked if I was interested in coming along to one of the cooking classes that the site is centered around.

Upon turning up to the class at the Blanco Showroom in Bondi Junction I was offered something to drink, beer, wine, soft drink, their was a large flat screen tv in the background with a game of footy playing with the sound down, and Kim, our client was up front starting the class, complete with an overhead mirror at 45 degrees so we could look down on what he was chopping and preparing. For 2 hours Kim cooked us 4 different meals, and we didn’t just get to taste these meals, we had full portions.. plenty to eat, drink and I did learn a lot, well worth going along to one of these classes.

Fast forward to Saturday night, as a Mothers Day present I decided to put what I had learnt in the class into action.. I jumped full steam ahead with the Blue Eye fish with Herb Butter dish. We went shopping earlier in the day to pick up the fish, herbs, butter and other ingredients that we didn’t have at home and some salad to have on the side. Back home I started to chop up the herbs for the herb butter, parley, basil, chives, coriander and the end of Sams finger it ended up being. Trying to be clever and cut all the herbs at the same time in a rush I ended up chopping a small, but significant portion of skin from the top of my finger off, from the nail up. 15 minutes, 5 litres of cold water and an ice pack later it eventually stopped bleeding.. some germoline a couple of band aids and some medical tape saw it strapped up good.

Feeling sorry for myself, I think Rebecca is going to be looking after me for the remainder of the weekend, and I’m told this isn’t going to heal properly for the next 3 weeks. Great. It hurts like hell, is throbbing constantly and I’ve only got myself to blame. On a side note, the blue eye with herb butter was very nice.. after I scrapped the first portion of chopped herbs!!

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