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Teenager's iPod goes boom

Don’t put your iPod through the washing machine, if for some reason you do, don’t try to fix it with a screwdriver.

This was the advice given by Sydney Morning Herald writer Adam Morton in his article Teenager’s iPod goes boom that was posted in the Breaking News of the Tech section today.

A Melbourne mother put her sons clothes in the wash, unfortunatly forgetting to check the pockets for goods.. an iPod to be exact! The iPod got a spin around the machine for half an hour until it was clean as a whistle, and broken.

Trying desperately to perform emergency surgery on the iPod the boy places it on the white sheets of his bed and tried to ply it open with a screwdriver. Upon opening the iPod there was apparently a small pop, and a puff of smoke. The Ambulance officers weren’t sure what it was the boy had ingested but he was treated for breathing difficulties at the scene.

The Metropolitan Ambulance spokeswomen went on to say..

We treated him on the scene for minor breathing difficulties but he was fine and then we scooted out and helped save the rest of Melbourne.

Original Source – SMH

Moral of the story

Always check your pockets before putting them in the washing machine!

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