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Want the Sith DVD? Go to Usenet

Usenet newsgroups dedicated to piracy are seeing a resurgence in activity as file sharers seek less-policed areas of the internet to trade illegal data.

A Wired News article by David McCandless entitled Want the Sith DVD? Go to Usenet was posted at their site earlier today, I wonder how long a title like that will last before the MPAA has something to say about it.

I also read earlier today, that some Chinese counterfeiters started pushing their copies of the Sith DVD with subtitles as soon as 2 days after the movie hit the cinemas. Unfortunatly for them, the subtitles were for a movie called Detention, and thus during an Anakin Skywaker soon to be Darth Vadar light saber fight scene the subtitles show, “I have enough trouble with students having sex like rabbits.”

So if you’d like to watch a Chinese version of Revenge of the Sith with subtitles from the movie Detention, Wired News reakons Usenet is your best bet to get a copy.. thanks for the hot tip Wired!

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