Sam Brown

Phone Spam

The Office phone (land-line) just rang five minutes ago, Caller ID said that it was an Overseas Caller, which several of our clients are nothing unusual there. I answered the phone to the following automated message:

“Congratulations, your number has been picked as an entry in next months draw to win a Lotus Elise sports car. Paul Someone from NSW was last months winner, you could be next month. Just call 1902 ****** to enter your details, calls are charged at only $3.00 per minute, mobiles may attract higher call rates. Congratulations again and we hope you win!” Pause. “Press 2 to replay this message.”

Now don’t get me wrong, a Lotus Elise sports car would look great parked in my driveway but what’d I do to enter this so called draw? Where did they pick my number from? Why was no company name mentioned?

Spam is everywhere, on the web, in your email, in your postbox, via SMS, and now there are recorded messages calling telling you to call a premium rate number to enter a contest and win a prize! When will the madness stop?

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