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Time for me to GoGo back to Scotland

“After 4 years and 3months in Australia I am moving back home to Scotland indefinitely. I moved to Australia with my family in March 2001, recently got engaged and I am now moving back to Scotland with Becky for another adventure.”

I have loved living in Australia and have made some amazing friends, and collegues here. I finished school in the first few years here, went to college for a year and then started working for the last year which has been brilliant.

I will be back

Rebecca has spent the past 12 months here in Australia with me, we got engaged at New Year 2005 and whilst her 1 year visa is expiring we thought it might be a nice idea to head back to Scotland and see what living in the cooler, but more familiar surroundings is like. Actually, Sydney has become home to both of us and we are going to miss it a lot!

I have made some fantastic friends and am going to miss everyone. We will be back, we just don’t know when at the moment.. Rebecca and I will be working initially and I plan to head to Uni to finish my second year of my Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia degree. After that.. who knows, perhaps back to Australia, perhaps the States, we really don’t know yet but we do plan to travel.

Time for GoGo Cafe in Sydney to go too

It is a sad day for Sydney as I am leaving.. no, just kidding. But seriously, I popped into GoGo on Crown Street in Sydney to say bye to the owner Greg. Unfortunatly it looks like he is going to be closing the doors to a very very long standing regular cafe spot for many locals, very sad. I would like to wish Greg and his family all the best in the future, GoGo will not be forgotten.

It’s time to go… Tomorrow

Rebecca and I leave Sydney tomorrow afternoon, the 30th of June.. my sisters birthday, sorry! Aussieland, we will miss you. To the future and beyond…

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Tek 3 July 2005, 12:41 #1

Heh. Sam must be sleeping right now.. st0pid time zones. Baah!

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