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Which Mac Browser to use

“I have had my Powerbook for almost a year now and I love it, however I am always swapping between browsers and I can’t seem to use one consistently, it is a real pain! Especially for bookmarks!”

Safari is the pre-installed Mac browser, however I have installed d and Camino as well and I seem to use all 3 all the time. I know there are other Mac browsers such as Mozilla, Netscape, Omniweb and Opera just to name a few but I only use these for testing purposes. Here is my case for the three browsers I use daily.


Safari is an Apple product and is a fantastic browser, it scores high on the accessibility and compatibility charts, it looks and feels great in OSX and is probably one of the best looking web browsers I have ever used. The load times are reasonably fast, browsing speeds are good and in-flight usability are fine too. I have Safari set as my default browser, but I keep using one of the following as well on a day to day basis.


Firefox, from Mozilla, is a great browser, it is available on Mac, PC, Linux and more and I only ever use(d) this on a PC. However, on my Powerbook, Firefox is one of the slowest loading browsers I have (bar Opera) and it is a pain in the you know what. Once it is up and running its ok, but the initial load time is a nightmare, and I am not one of these people that keeps their browser windows open all the time. Firefox gets bad scores for load time. During use Firefox is great, I have never had any problems with page loading or browser compatibility, thumbs up there.

For some reason Firefox seems to backup my Bookmarks.html file everytime it launches, this may be the source of the slow load time, but I can’t seem to get Firefox to stop doing this. Anyone know anything about this?


Camino is also developed by the Mozilla Foundation, however this is a Mac only project and it is a brilliant. Camino is a cocoa based application which means it is specifically designed for OSX and is very very fast. The load times for Camino kills Firefox dead in the water, and is about twice as fast as Safari. It looks fantastic as it blends right in with OSX Tiger, pages render fine as with Safari and Firefox so no problems there.


I really like Safaris native OSX look and feel, Firefoxs great user experience and the speed of Camino.. but outright, none of them have all of these features bundled and I am left using all three at once which is a bookmarking nightmare! Perhaps a web app like would be a good idea for bookmarks rather than being browser specific, hey, that’s a good idea Sam. &

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