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Apples Mighty Mouse; and its Halo Effect

“Apple today introduced a revolutionary and innovative new product to its product lines. The Mighty Mouse has up to four programmable buttons for users who feel the need for more than just their original Apple single button mouse.”

Mighty Mouse features an easy-to-use design that comfortably fits the left or right hand and an optical tracking engine for responsive and accurate cursor movement on almost any type of surface. With up to four programmable buttons, Mighty Mouse makes it easy to access key features of Tiger with the side buttons and Scroll Ball providing quick, one-click access to Spotlight, Dashboard and Expose. What else does one need from a mouse? Not much!

“With its innovative Scroll Ball and unique integration of multiple buttons, Mighty Mouse adds functionality while retaining the elegant, easy-to-use Apple design.”

Single Mouse Button Misconception

One of the many cases for argument people have with me about converting to the Apple platform is the annoyance of a single button mouse! Sorry folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can plug any mouse into a Mac, this has always been the case and Apple has supported multi-button mice for a long time now.

Apples Mighty Mouse

New Innovative Features

Apples Might Mouse has many innovative new features. It only looks like it has a single mouse button which will favor those who only need one, however it does have four programmable buttons, a scroll wheel which scrolls in all directions and optical tracking.

On top of all of this the mouse looks great, a must for an Apple product. I purchased a Bluetooth Apple mouse when I purchased my Powerbook and I love it. No wires, no mess, change the batteries once every couple of months but it does only have one mouse button. However, having to press the CTRL key to get to a second context menu is hardly a huge problem. I also own a Microsoft Intellimouse 5 which has 7 buttons and horizontal and vertical scrolling which is great.. it has a wire but if I ever needed more than one button on my mouse I would plug that in.

That being said, this Apple Mighty Mouse looks brilliant, innovative, sexy and I want one. I added it to one of my many Saved Baskets at The Apple Store website which sadly is still quite long!

Ps and the Mighty Mouse Halo Effect

Where is the bluetooth version Steve? I really like this new mouse, it would be great to have one but I am just so used to my bluetooth wireless mouse from Apple! I don’t think I’ll be converting until their is a bluetooth option. Interestingly it works on Windows too!

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