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Helpful AppleScripts for iTunes on the Mac

“Ever needed to find Album Artwork for multiple artists in your iTunes library? Wanted to copy tracks from your iPod back to your iTunes library? or, Wanted to convert the format of your tracks currently in your library? AppleScripts for Mac users are a great feature of iTunes!”

AppleScript is Apple’s scripting language for the Mac OS. These are essentially just files for the Mac that have code within them that can be executed by iTunes, very easy to set up, even easier to use and there are a lot of them to be found that do just about anything you want.

Setting up iTunes to run these AppleScripts

This couldn’t be an easier step, all you need to do is create a Scripts folder in your iTunes library folder located here:


Now when you launch, or re-launch iTunes there will be a scripts menu in the menu bar.

iTunes AppleScripts Menu

Installing and Using the Scripts

Just as easy, simply drag the AppleScript files into the Scripts folder you just created.

To use them, select a song in your library, open the Scripts menu and select the script you want to use. Its not rocket science!

Useful AppleScripts I have found and use

Find Album Artwork with Google

This was one of the first scripts I found and I used it religiously to find Artwork for the Albums in my Library that were missing Artwork. Simply selecting a track and launching the scripts opens Safari and searches Gooogle Images for the artwork. Works great for most of the popular albums, but some covers are impossible to find, or impossible to get a decent version off.

Amazon Lookup

I only found this recently and it trumps the Google Images search, this Script brings up with the Albums page and you can get all the information you need from there and 9 times out of 10 the Artwork in high res format. Thanks Amazon!

Do note though that it searches I recently imported the McFly album into iTunes and while Google Images and didn’t give me any Artwork results, I was able to find it at

Quick Convert

This is a brilliant Applescript that converts selected tracks into another format of choice that is available. For example I have the options to convert the tracks with AAC, AIFF, Lossless, MP3 & Wav Encoders, and it works a treat.

I converted my Sevendust – Southside Double-Wide Live album from 320kbps AAC files to 160kbps MP3s reducing their space on my fastly filling up iPod from 91MB to 46MB. I’m a big fan of the MP3 codec, as their really isnt much loss in quality at all, and my poor 20GB iPod is getting fat!

iTunes AppleScript resources

The three Scripts I mentioned above can be downloaded from Dougs Scripts website. He has a ridiculously large collection of fantastic scripts that I didn’t even brush the surface off. Well worth a look.

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