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Moto iTunes Phone vs SE Walkman W800i

“What is it that the Motorola ROKR, the new iTunes phone, can do that my Sony Ericsson W800i can not do? Well, nothing actually.. my phone already does all of that and more. Walkman vs iTunes.. game on.”

Normally I’m singing Apple’s praises on bringing out fantastic new products that they consistently do, but what is all the hoo-haa about the iTunes phone about?! We have been hearing for months that Apple were planning on releasing an “iTunes Phone”, there have been many articles written about it but at the end of the day, when the phone was released.. it’s not really all that its cracked up to be.

“iTunes Phone”

Not exactly! Its a Motorola ROKR phone through and through with simply an iTunes application built in. Hardly an Apple phone, but we’ll give them this one, they have entered the mobile marketplace.

The Application

Walkman vs iTunes

Apples branding and GUI guidelines are usually very good. Almost all Apple products have great interfaces… except this one! Nothing very exciting or special here, of course their are limitations on Mobile devices, and keeping things in line with the current product (iTunes for PC & Mac) not much more could have been expected.

Comparison, iTunes vs Walkman

The Motorola ROKR only has some of the features that Sony’s latest offering has. The W800i has a whole host of better features and there are no limitations.

The iTunes phone can only store 100 songs. That’s it, and for all the nay-sayers.. it is not limited by file-size, quoting Motorola:

Total storage capacity is limited by number of songs.

Where as with my W800i I could place a 2GB sandisk memory card in my phone and get in excess of 500 songs on board. From my quick inspection, the only thing the W800i can’t do is display album artwork.

I doubt I will be the only one that was slightly disappointed by Steve Jobs announcement yesterday regarding the iTunes phone.

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Tek 17 October 2005, 18:30 #1

I want (not necessarily need) a new phone. Lost my phone recently, but someone turned it into lost & found (arghh). Seen the new Rokr this weekend and wasn’t too impressed because it was a bit heavy. Me wants a Razr (Mot v3)!

Alex 10 July 2007, 11:28 #2

Have You Ever Seen Them Together??? Walkman iTunes.

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