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Apple UK, no longer free, and not cheap!

“Now don’t get me wrong. I love Apple, I love their products, the company and where they are heading. But unless you live in the US, your getting the short straw!”

Warning: Rant Ahead! Apple yesterday released their new iMacs, Video iPods and iTunes 6. However, Apple certainly isn’t getting its exchange rate from!

Welcome to the Living room

I think Apple want you to put a new iMac in your living room. But I don’t know about you, 17” ain’t that big a TV if you ask me. However, their new applications, remote and built in iSight will certainly please a lot of people! Unless you just bought a brand new iMac G5 a few months ago! Sheesh.. calm down with your product updates Jobs!

Video iPods

Hot, I want one. Video Podcasts, TV Shows, h.264 playback, 30GB and 60GB models. I’ll be purchasing one for my aging and fast filling up 4th gen 20GB.

However, I’ll be buying it from the American Apple store for $299, which is £171. £8 shipping and I’ll save myself £40 buying from American instead of the UK website. Clever.


iTunes 6? What happened to 5? It was only 1 month old.. that was quick. Version 6 introduces Video, Gifting and some nasty new DRM that needs to be gotten around. Not a problem, iTunes 6 is great, TV Show downloads are a step in the right direction but, and a big butt at that…

The British Citizens are getting the short straw. To download one of these Music Videos, which by the way, were free the day before last, costs $1.99 to buy in the US. That equates to £1.14. Why in the world do we have to pay £1.89 for the exact same files as our American friends? I’m sorry but thats just plain wrong, and has been for a long time.

It is even worse if we want to download songs from iTunes. Our yankee fellows buy at $0.99, around £0.57. Yet, we have to fork out £1.49!

Are you freakin’ kidding me Apple? Want me to christen my iTunes Music Store account, give me a break.

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