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How to put ads between posts in WordPress v1.5

I have a WordPress powered website and I have been trying to find a simple way to place my Google Ads between the first and second post on the front page for a while now, struggling to find a solution, I created one myself. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an advertisement, it can be anything and will be placed between Post 1 & Post 2 on your WordPress index.

Step 1

Using the Theme Editor in the Presentation section of the WordPress Admin, or using a text editor open up the Main Template file (index.php) and find
<?php get_header(); ?>

Add after:
<?php $postnum = 1; $showads = 1; ?>

Step 2

Find (including everything in-between the p tag):

<p class="postmetadata">...</p>

Add after:

<?php if ($postnum == $showads) { ?> This text will be placed after the first post and before the second post only. Nowhere else on the index page. <?php } $postnum++; ?>

Then simply place your Ad code or the content of your choice into the area mentioned in the above piece of code

Credit where credit is due.

I do not take credit for the code, I pulled it from other sources and had to fiddle with it to get it to work in WordPress v1.5.

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