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Quick Tip: Develop using Subdomains

Here is a quick tip I recently learned that may be obvious to some, but I never really thought about it at the time. I was creating an application online and purchased a new domain, where I then created a folder appropriately named /beta/.

However, once you are ready to either a: put this application in your root directory (/) or b: package it up for distribution you will need to change any relative paths that include /beta/, in the CSS, the JavaScript and of course the HTML.

If I was to have started off with using a subdomain ( then I wouldn’t have to change any paths as all relative paths would simply be root (/). This will clearly save you a good 5minutes of Find & Replace, but then you do not have to worry about testing and making sure you managed to change them all!

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Sam 22 August 2006, 06:43 #1

Hooray for my first post in almost a year. Eek.

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