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Mac Developers making it even easier to install apps

Installing apps on a Mac is so ridiculously easy, open the packaged file be it a ZIP, DMG etc and drag the application icon into your Applications folder in your home directory. That’s it!

Skypes Disk Image

There are some Mac Developers out there making life so much easier by including a shortcut to your Applications folder within their apps package. Skype for example (above) does this. Once you have opened their Disk Image file (*.dmg) the process of dragging their Skype app icon onto their custom graphic shortcut to your Applications folder is a synch.

Call me picky, but I almost get frustrated when Developers do not do this. For example Newsfire is my favorite RSS reader for the Mac and the Developer, David Watanabe releases updates fairly regularly which is great! However, upon opening the latest Newsfire.dmg file you have to then go open your Hard Disk > Applications, get the Newsfire DMG to the forefront and drag it into the Applications folder.. a few more steps than is entirely necessary in my opinion.

So kudos to those who make this decision to include shortcuts within your Disk Images, a small but important step in showing the user how much you want them to love and experience your app!

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Tommy Klumker 23 August 2006, 18:34 #1

I’ve begun to notice this lately as well, such a nice touch. You’re right about Watanbe’s stuff, which is particularly frustrating because he generally has a lot of update releases so you have to do that process numerous times.

Graeme 24 August 2006, 00:34 #2

Agreed, it’s a pain when developers do not do this!

Chris 4 September 2006, 08:31 #3

Vista is still light years away from this concept, really. Having tested Vista over the weekend, I see a lot of similarities between the two products. However, Vista still holds Window’s complicated ways.

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