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iTunes 7 with CoverFlow Included

iTunes 7 Coverflow

Apple yesterday released iTunes 7, which hosts a bundle of great improvements. One such improvement is the new view options. The original ‘list view’ is still there, ‘grouped by artwork’ is new in v7 as is ‘cover browser’ (see image above).

I downloaded iTunes 7 as soon as it was released and was very surprised to see the ‘cover browser’ option, which is fantastic, although I thought it may have just squashed the application CoverFlow. However upon visiting the CoverFlow site there is this message:

We are pleased to announce that all CoverFlow technology and intellectual property was recently sold to Apple. It has been incorporated into the latest version of iTunes.

Brilliant, this is exactly what I wanted. CoverFlow was great, but having to have both CoverFlow & iTunes open seemed a waste of resources.

I was also pleased to hear Steve Jobs call it “CoverFlow view” in his Keynote Speech, as opposed to ‘cover browser’ which it appears to be called within iTunes 7.

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