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Apple choose O2 for UK iPhone on Nov 9!

At todays “Mum is no longer the word” event in London Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced the launch of the iPhone exclusively to the O2-UK Network and will start shipping the 8GB iPhone on November 9 for £269!

I’m already running my iPhone on the O2 Network and am happy to hear that they will be rolling out unlimited data plans for EDGE next month to all of their customers! (Unfortunately no 3G as people were predicting.)

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iain 18 September 2007, 07:17 #1

I was really hoping for 3G, I guess EDGE will just have to do.

Graeme 18 September 2007, 07:18 #2

I want one now.. right now!

That said, it is going to be very expensive, in the region of £900 considering you have to pay £269 then £35/month for 18 months!

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