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Black and White TVs still exist?

While signing up for a TV License for my new place one of the questions was whether my TV was Black & White or Colour? I mean.. really? Its 2007! A colour license is 3x more expensive!

Perhaps a more appropriate question these days might have been whether it was an LCD or Plasma, or HD compatible or not.

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Chris 25 September 2007, 21:10 #1

What’s a TV license???

Sam Brown 26 September 2007, 04:02 #2

You need a TV Licence to use any television receiving equipment such as a TV set, set-top boxes, video or DVD recorders, computers or mobile phones to watch or record TV programmes as they are being shown on TV.

It’s archaic and completely ridiculous, as far as I am aware all the money goes to the BBC (British Broadcasting Centre). That said, if you don’t have a license you can face a pretty hefty fine.

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