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Incase don't like UK / International customers

I have been looking for a bag for my Macbook Pro for a while now and thought I had found the perfect one when I saw Incase’s 15” Nylon Sleeve Plus. However, they do not ship any of their products (and they make a lot of really nice products) outside of the US from their website which is a real shame.

The only place I could find any of the Incase bags that I liked was at the online UK Apple Store, this was fine, but after two failed purchases stating “Incase no longer make this product” and “This product is not available” I was getting a little bitter. After sending several emails to Incase via the contact form on their website I have heard nothing, no reply, which is really frustrating as this is the bag I want.

Subsequently the Incase website now states that this product is Currently Unavailable. I guess I’ll just have to start searching again!

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Chris 19 October 2007, 13:07 #1

Incase makes a lot of nice products for Apple. I love my incase iPhone case, even though mines seem a little defected (a tad to small). Anyhow, “in case” you can’t find any other shipping method, I wouldn’t mind helping you with your shipping needs…

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