Sam Brown

The sender didn't pay full postage

The RoyalMail kills me.. everytime I want to get something delivered I am pained by another hidden cost/tax/customs charge and today it was “Unfortunately we can’t deliver your item because there’s a fee to pay – The sender didn’t pay full postage.”

Granted I don’t know what this package is or who sent it (apologies for the rant to the person that did send it) but that doesn’t help the matter either.. what if I don’t know this person or even want the package? I still have to pay the fee to find out what it is.

This particular fee is an astounding £1.06! A pound!! (end sarcasm) Surely the person at the originating post office that accepted the package and took the original payment is the person at fault.. why is it that me, the receiver of this package, is dumped with the cost? Sigh.

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