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Sky+ & V+ please... record the whole show!

I am not sure what the state of affairs are elsewhere, TiVo users feel free to chip in, but here in the UK there are two services of similar nature. Sky+ from Sky and V+ from Virgin Media that allow you to Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and most importantly Record TV.

Both of these services have the exact same problem that is rife when it comes to recording shows. Please record from the start of the show to the end of the show, not the timeframe that the show is supposed to air in! The only shows I ever record are in the evenings and if for whatever reason earlier in the day a particular show or live event goes on longer than their estimated time the whole schedule gets bumped and my recording end on time, cutting off the end of my show!

This seems like a pretty obvious problem and I am surely not the only one noticing it, why is there no decent solution? For the time being I am recording the show I want to see and the show that runs directly after it as well. How pointless is this.

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