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iPhone launches in the UK on O2

In a few hours the iPhone goes on sale with O2 here in the UK. I assume the O2 stores are staying open for this event but I doubt the 2 in my local shopping centre will be, as the centre itself closes at 6PM. I have already had mine for a couple of months though thanks to Cameron Moll! :)

Interestingly when you choose your new O2 tariff for the iPhone (the cheapest being £35) you get unlimited data for the month. I recently inquired to whether other tariffs will be getting similar treatment, unfortunately not! I would have to pay an extra £7.50 on top of my £25/month tariff for “unlimited* browsing”.

The small print reads: * A fair use of 200MB per month applies.

I think what they mean to say is “for an extra £7.50 you get 200mb”. Notably they did scrap the 200mb fair use policy for iPhone customers!

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