Sam Brown

AJ is feeling the freelance industry pain!

“The freelance design industry is rapidly deteriorating. … It doesn’t take much these days to find one of those bullshit web 2.0 cookie-cutter designs up for sale on your local forum marketplace for the amazing price of $40, $30, or even $15. $15 dollars for a fucking design?

The sad thing is what the so called freelance design industry has become. We currently find ourselves in the midst of a time period where shit loads of gloss, oversized buttons, and a gradient here and there are makings of a quality site – one that can be off the shelves within days.”

Have to say I agree on many levels, be sure to read the rest of Andrews (AJ from DevLounge) rant on his site.

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Harry Roberts 1 December 2007, 01:39 #1

I feel the same! It’s becoming almost unbearable! This may interest you:

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