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Windows SP2 due Wednesday

Some insider information for you!!

I went to the last event of Sydney Design Week which was hosted at The Poliform Studios last night. The speaker was Andrew Parr from SJB, one of Sydneys most insightful designers. So I met a couple of very interesting people, Khali who owns Poliform, of which I have spent the last 3 weeks building their website, and Bass from Interprojects who I have also been building their website for! Great event.

I went with my boss Nyree, Louise our Production assitant, Gemma, Nyi’s best friend and Tim from Cue Creative. Incidently whilst talking to Tim who has Microsoft as one of his clients, he mentioned that he was ridiculously busy this week as Microsoft are releasing SP2 on Wednesday (most likely here in Australia). There will be emergency bulletin going out to all signed up to the MS Newsletter about a possible fault with big Networks and all of their individual terminals running live update. Could be messy!

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