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Safari has no Go button, why should it?

Safari: where is your Go button? is an interesting article from yichi of Vikiworks.

I’m actually quiet happy with an off-keyboard experience – some mouse-clicking work, until I’ve encountered this: Safari does NOT have a GO button (both FF and IE does).

Basically, yichi, a Windows user, is complaining that Safari doesn’t have a go button in the Address Bar and is really upset by the matter. Personally I don’t think I have ever typed a URL into the address bar then reached out for the mouse to click the Go button.. I simply hit enter after typing in the URL. Don’t you?

All of that said, this then brings me onto search boxes… what’s the difference? Do we really need a Go or Search button after the input box? Is this what signifies what this mysterious little white input box is? Probably.

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qrayg 30 January 2008, 07:25 #1

I used to think the same way about the search button on search inputs. Why put it in since it’s easier to just press enter.

One problem that I ran across is when browsing on a PSP or PS3 (and probably other non-computer based browsers) there is no keyboard so it’s not possible to ‘press enter’. The PS3 browser is actually pretty decent and I do use it quite a bit, so that’s one annoyance.

I do agree about the “Go” button though. There is no need for it. That’s the one thing about Firefox 2 that I wish I could change. It’s wasting space on my already cramped toolbar, and it’s not possible to remove.

stang 9 February 2008, 23:21 #2

there’s been many times where i’m just lamping and not even near the keyboard and i will just use the mouse to browse. you can cut and paste and delete pretty easily and if it weren’t for the go button, i would have to actually use the keyboard. keep the go button!

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