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Multiple Amazon Associate Accounts = Pain

If you would like to link to products at Amazon and earn referral fees for each item purchased you need to sign up for an Amazon Associates account. I have had an account at for the longest time, but only recently I learned that anybody outside the US that clicks through on that link and then in turn switches to their local Amazon store (UK, Canada perhaps) does not earn you a referral.

Instead what you have to do is visit all of Amazon’s sites and sign up to their Associates program. That is, you will need an account at,,,,, & Now what the hell is the point in that?

After you’ve accomplished that great feat you will need to now create multiple links on your site pointing to the product of your choice at each of the Amazon sites, or find a way of displaying the appropriate countries site to your visitors (John Gruber has a Preferences page where you can select which Amazon store you want to be linked to).

From the Amazon Associates FAQ:

For those Associates who want to link to other Amazon sites, you can also join the Associates Programs on those sites. They are separate programs from the program, and you must sign up on each individual site to participate.

Don’t get me wrong, I love their affiliate program but this seems silly. Not all of ones visitors come from one specific country.

Case in point, and the reason for this post is that I am trying to add a couple of Recommeded Books to Posh CSS which receives the majority of its visitors from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada then France… I’d have to have 5 Associate Accounts to appropriately send the right visitors to the right Amazon store.

Surely it can’t be that hard to have a global associates account Amazon?

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