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Portfolio on Ice

Went Ice Skating today with Rebecca which was fantastic fun, she fell over once and blamed it on me! Typical! Other than that, was a pretty much flawless 200laps of anti-clockwise ice-skating with a few interesting events, including an older women falling over and banging her head on the ice. Which then saw her sitting on the side with an ice-pack for the rest of her visit.

Had a great night at The Arthouse on Friday with Rebecca, after my Sydney Design week event with work (written about below) we met up in the City and went for some drinks downstairs in the The Gallery Bar, we then headed upstairs to the The Attic to have a few quieter drinks where the music wasn’t quite as loud. Ended up staying their all night before heading home.

Today after getting back from Ice Skating I updated my Work/Portfolio site, Massive Blue with some of my brand spanking new web projects that I hadn’t yet had time to put online. So that took an hour or so whilst Rebecca fell asleep in bed with Chloe Bunny (a Valentines day present from several years ago) after all that exercising skating.

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Rebecca 25 August 2004, 18:21 #1

It really was Sam's fault as he said: 'Let's catch up with Mum and Lisa' - so he put his foot out to get a good start off and tripped me up!

Amy 26 August 2004, 18:30 #2

Yeah Yeah!!! ;o)

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