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Textpattern URLs are broken, TXP Gods help?

I woke up today to one problem on two of my sites running Textpattern. Interestingly I have never had any problems of this nature before and I could really do with some help, fast. The problem is that the latest articles on both Peppermint Tea & We Love TXP are returning 404’s on their permalink pages, all of the other articles are fine.

I am using the same URL scheme /year/month/day/title on both, they are also both hosted on the same server as this site which I can’t replicate the problem on, perhaps because I am using a different URL scheme? Using messy urls doesn’t cause the pages to 404. No idea what the problem is, if anybody can help please drop me a comment or email, thanks!

Update: Turns out changing the server time negative 4 hours caused the problem, still looking for a solution.

Update 2: A solution at last, Mary one of the Textpattern developers helped out with this simple SQL query that will fix the time difference created by updating the servers internal clock. Thanks Mary!

UPDATE textpattern SET Posted = DATE_ADD(Posted, INTERVAL 4 HOUR);

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qrayg 19 February 2008, 11:35 #1

Your forum thread link returns a “Bad Request” from TXP’s forum.

Cole Henley 19 February 2008, 11:45 #2

long shot but could you have reached your mysql database size limit with your hosts? could explain the synchronous 404ing of both sites

Sam Brown 19 February 2008, 11:51 #4

@qrayg Thanks, you have to be logged in at the Textpattern forum to read this thread

@Cole I didn’t think of that, but I just managed to create a post at Peppermint Tea and it appears to have worked just fine!? WTF is going on.

Chris 19 February 2008, 14:34 #5

Oops, sorry Sam. I might have been a little overzealous with server’s the timezone setting. An adjustment to TXP’s timezone configuration should fix things.

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