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My Sidepath URL Redirection App released for FREE

SidepathSidepath has been a great fun little project that I created and released back in September of 2006, it started life as a personal project as I was looking for a way to track and count links in a .htaccess file.

I have sold to date a couple of hundred copies of Sidepath and recouped what I believe is about the right amount of money that I would have charged a client for creating a little app such as this. Thus, today I am releasing Sidepath for free for everyone to enjoy.

Note: I will only be replying to help and support requests to users who have purchased a copy.

Download, enjoy, and feel free to spread the word. Thanks!

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Tim Van Damme 21 February 2008, 05:54 #1

How is it possible that I didn’t knew this product? It looks a bit like Shorty, but with a nicer interface… Will definitely give it a try!

Sam Brown 21 February 2008, 06:13 #2

@Tim: Yeah, it came out basically at the same time as Shorty. I had never heard of their product when I launched mine but a bit of competition isn’t a bad thing, and I got paid for my work! :)

Chris Thomson 22 February 2008, 15:31 #3

Sidepath is amazing. One of my favorite features is its bookmarklet. Instead of going through a huge hassle with FTP, I can just click the bookmark. I also added a tiny bit of code to my install of Sidepath so that widget.php will auto close once I put in the keyword, and the form was submitted — I had no use for it to spit the URL back out to me, it was simple enough. :)

Thanks for this awesome product :)

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