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Fridays are Happy Days at Massive Blue

It was late on a cold and windy Thursday night that I got that itching feeling that I needed to create something that solved a problem that I was having. There are plenty of other ways to accomplish this feat but I wanted something specifically for this task. The name came to me straight away and luckily the domain was available and was snapped up by 11PM.

Commented On

That nights sleep was very interrupted as ideas just kept coming to me, I did have my notepad and pen on my bedside table though.. by the morning there was a page full of ideas and direction, and the day went from there:

  • 7am: Up and at desk idea organisation and brainstorming
  • 8am: Logo design and interface ideas on paper
  • 9am: Started site design in Photoshop, created logo.
  • 10am: Breakfast and postman brought new Xbox game, played for a bit.
  • 11am: Finished app interface
  • 12pm: Started coding the front-end, started with splash page
  • 1pm: Coded the app interface
  • 2pm: Cooked some Tortellini with Arrabiata sauce, chopped onions & herbs for lunch.
  • 3pm: Started coding the backend of the app
  • 4pm: Still coding back-end and front-end elements that it displays
  • 5pm: Pretty much finished a working 0.1 version, enough for today!

I quickly learnt during Friday not to underestimate the power-of-people and bouncing ideas around with them, more specifically I showed a select few people the splash page and each came back with what they thought it might be thus stirring more ideas for the final finished project.

Just what is it I hear you say? When will it be available? I have an early 0.1 version running but its not quite ready for public consumption, stay tuned and I shall not tease you for much longer!

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Thassius V. 23 February 2008, 00:06 #1

After the creation of fast food, that’s what I would call ‘Fast Site’. :)

Brent Terrazas 23 February 2008, 00:59 #2

yeah seriously… I guess when you’ve got a hot idea on your hands you just go with it… (i hope my boss never sees this post and then excepts the same kind of turnaround)

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