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Design is a process says Shaun Inman

I loved this Twitter message from Shaun Inman yesterday!

shauninman [is] remembering that design is not just a finished product it’s a process that informs content and application logic as much as aesthetics

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Cole Henley 27 February 2008, 00:17 #1

Reminds me of a part of my archaeological studies on the history of art – perceptions of art as product are a relatively modern thang with non-representative art (tribal art for instance) tending to be about the act of creation rather than the product/piece of art in itself. oh dear, look at me – i went into boring archaeology mode.

Shaun Inman 27 February 2008, 03:46 #2

Thanks Sam. It’s funny you bring up archaeology Cole. I recently did a poster for Veerle’s What is Graphic Design contest that contained the (made-up) quote:

Order is inherent in any kind of system—especially where communication, visual or otherwise, is concerned. Graphic design is order archeology.

Sam Brown 27 February 2008, 03:57 #3

When can I order my print of your poster Shaun?

Cole Henley 27 February 2008, 04:03 #4

Hi Shaun
In danger of taking over someone elses blog/comments on this one (sorry Sam) but saw your post on flickr and thought it was an interesting use of the term. Archaeologists are notorious for pinching ideas from other disciplines so it is always nice to see it contributing to other fields (most notoriously Foucault use of the term).
I suppose the connection between design and archaeology is that both are involved in the deconstructing or stripping back of ‘things’ to their material essence. The big problem archaeology has always had is then communicating this ;)
Mmmm, must write something up about this when get round to getting blog going…

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