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Mobile Blues

So I have been having a little trouble setting up email on my mobile phone today. I already have MobileMail set up on my Sony Ericsson T610 which allows me to connect to WAP and check email for one Email account, which I have set to my at email account, my main email.

Now under the Messaging Menu on my phone their is an Email section which actually allows me to Send and Receive emails via POP3. I can also create more than one account, so I could have it set up to Send and Receive emails on my at email address as well. However, the blasted thing keeps telling me that:

The server cannot be found.

Not sure if it can’t find or there is a problem with my Mobile Providers Outgoing mail server which I just guessed at, I probably have this wrong!

Tonight I spent a couple of hours, shortened thanks to Richie from Xtreme Hosting, creating a new Image Gallery for Rebeccas Blog. This time using Albumpattern, a very nice plugin for TXP which does the whole shebang for her, renames, thumbails, resizes, folderizes.. great stuff.

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