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Beta Testing IE8 No Thanks!

Look at everyone talking about IE8. What’s worse than an IE browser? An IE browser in beta. Fuck that!

Matt Brett on Twitter. I could not agree more, IE is a complete mess at the best of times, never mind trying to beta test it.

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Chris Thomson 5 March 2008, 13:53 #1

I’ve heard IE8 has Google as its default search engine (instead of Live) … maybe Microsoft is getting out of the search business. /me hopes.

Matt Brett 5 March 2008, 17:59 #2

Heh, it’s not often I drop the f-bomb on Twitter, but I felt it was warranted.

I was pretty blown away by the amount of people that jumped when MS released the beta. It’s IE! Remember IE7? Don’t think for a minute that IE8 is going to solve the problems that miserable browser has dumped on us repeatedly over the years. IE7 was supposed to do just that, now I have explicit stylesheets for IE6 and IE7. The only good thing that will come of it, is that we can force it to run in IE7 mode – which I will definitely be doing, unless by some miracle, IE8 doesn’t require any workarounds.


Sam Brown 5 March 2008, 22:25 #3

@chris Definitely would look that way if they are using Google by default. Bold move!

@matt I hope you don’t mind me using your f-bomb here either. Was thinking the exact same thing as you as the Twitterverse was going barmy over the IE8 beta. I just worry that we will still be stuck in IE6 hell for the longest time and bring out more failing versions isn’t helping Microsofts case.

Haris 10 March 2008, 06:14 #4

You’re way too negative. I am a beta tester and I must say, IE has improved.

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