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Amazons World Wide Prices, Epic Fail

I have previously written about Amazon being a pain when it comes to having to run Multiple Amazon Associate Accounts, but today I was setting up some small ads on the newly redesigned Posh CSS only to realise that the below prices were not a typo!

Amazon Prices

The cost of this particular book is more expensive in pounds than it is in dollars! This equates to us in the UK having to pay almost double the price for this book than our fellow friends across the Atlantic! These extortionate prices carry over all of the books that I have just added to the Recommended Reading section of Posh CSS.

I recommend that any Brits looking to purchase these, or any other web related books consider the cost of buying and getting them shipped from the Amazon US store.

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Cole Henley 7 March 2008, 04:22 #1

or, just get it throught a US-based Amazon reseller on – will save you a packet!

Ross C Brown 10 March 2008, 07:17 #2

I knew an executive at Unilever once and she told me how heir international pricing worked. Basically, if it was $20 USD, it was also $20 CAN and £20 GBP. Crazy stuff.

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