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Wordpress vs. Textpattern 2008 by Natalie Jost

“Textpattern is a strong and dependable guy friend I can call to lift something heavy for me, even though he doesn’t always understand me. Wordpress is my gal pal I can do everthing with; she gets me, but she’s a little flaky sometimes.”

A really great article by Natalie Jost pointing out the pros and cons of each content management system.

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Tim Van Damme 12 March 2008, 09:47 #1

Textpattern FTW!!!!1!!!oneone Wooooooo!
Texpattern = Mac, WordPress = PC?

Kilian Valkhof 12 March 2008, 10:21 #3

Given the description by Natalie, I’d say it’s quite the opposite ;)

Natalie 13 March 2008, 19:59 #4

Tim, it’s more like Wordpress for this, Textpattern for that, Mac, PC, makes no difference. It’s about what CMS will fit which particular project. Thanks for the link, Sam!

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