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Moo MiniCards

I have been meaning to order some new business cards for a short while now and I knew the Moo MiniCards would be excellent for the job.

Moo MiniCards

Moo under-estimated and over-delivered on the promise of MiniCards in 7-10 days and the quality is great, for a mere £9.99 a great purchase. You’ll have to find me at FOWD if you want one, or 5.

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Haris 17 March 2008, 18:07 #2

I am always shocked by the quality of the cards for such a low price. Good job, Moo! MooooOOoOOOOOOOOooo!

Luke 19 March 2008, 05:51 #3

I’m gonna get my hands on those before I head off to university :) great value for money.

Harry Roberts 26 March 2008, 02:02 #4

Damn they’re nice! I’m gonna get me some of those asap.

Harry Roberts 3 April 2008, 01:23 #5

Got ‘em!

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