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Safari 3.1 - Great Update for Web Developers

SafariApple just released Safari v3.1 for both Mac and Windows which has some really fantastic new features especially for developers, I have outlined some of my favorites so far.

More Standards Support

This release from Apple includes performance enhancements for javascript, increased site compatibility and application stability. Along with all of this comes some support for new up-and-coming standards including CSS3 web fonts, CSS transforms and transitions, some additional HTML5 element support (video & audio) SVG images and SVG advanced text to name some of the popular ones.



What I am most excited about in this release is the ability to turn on the new Develop menu which contains various web development features including giving you access to the Web Inspector, Error Console and Network Timeline which is a fantastic feature I haven’t used before.

Network Timeline

You can now edit CSS within the inspector, change your User Agent string and disable things like the Caches, Images, Styles & Javascript which will ease the testing process in the Safari environment.

Other new features

Some of the other non-developer type new features include being able to double-click the tab bar for additional tabs, support for trackpad gestures, updated meta-data in downloads etc. You can read more about all of these features on Apple’s site.

There were some security updates in this release naturally, those can be read here also.

Overall this looks like a great update from Apple and I am really looking forward to using the Develop menu more in the coming days, perhaps I can eventually ditch Firefox as my developer-tool.

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Marko Mihelcic 18 March 2008, 04:14 #2

I love the new features! It looks very stable than the 3.0 version on windows, oh and it’s running lower then 50MB of memory.

Pat 20 March 2008, 01:35 #4

Firefox is doing it already with firebug. No point for me.

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