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Logitech VX Revolution Review

I have been longing for a new mouse and last week I took the plunge and purchased a Logitech VX Revolution, the little brother of the MX Revolution. So far I am really enjoying the VX Revolution and am very happy with my purchase.

Logitech VX Revolution


  • Light and very comfortable
  • Plenty of useful controls (not OTT like the MX Rev)
  • Great mouse feet that run perfectly on my Func Industries Archetype
  • Half-decent Mac Software
  • Laser tracking
  • Storage slot for wireless receiver


  • Wireless dongle.. where are all the bluetooth mice?
  • AA Battery powered

I highly recommend this mouse, it is not the cheapest mouse out there but is well worth what you pay for it. Loving it so far.

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Tim Van Damme 1 April 2008, 00:38 #1

I couldn’t agree more with you. At first it’s a bit strange to use a laptop mouse for everyday use, but it’s a dream!

Phil Bowell 1 April 2008, 09:51 #2

I’ve not used either of the Revolutions but I do use a Logitech and it’s very nice. I’m with you on the whole where are all the BT mice? It’s annoying if we want wireless that’s not Apple’s overpriced MightyMouse we have to use a dongle as a receiver when all Macs come with BT standard.

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