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Future of Web Design Wrap Up

On Wednesday the 16th of April I caught the train from Edinburgh to London for Future of Web Design. Good times were had on all three days of the event and I met and spoke to a ton of great people including and in no particular order Tim Van Damme, Sarah Parmenter, Elliot Jay Stocks, Jason Cale, Ian Young, fellow Scots Cole Henley, Roan Lavery and Paul Farnell from Litmus, Rissingtonians Jon Hicks and Simon Clayson, Simon Collison, Greg Wood and the boys from Erskine Design, Francis Booth, Adam Broadway from GoodBarry, and the majority of the cast and crew from Carsonified, Mel Kirk, Joleen, Lisa Price and Keir Whitaker. Sorry for those that I have missed, drop me a line.

Day 1 and the ‘Before-Party’

The Welcome Party was held at Jewel in Covent Gardens and Media Temple’s free bar went down mighty well for the 5 hours that I was there, didn’t spend a penny! Must remember to never complain about (mt) downtime again.

Highlights of the before-party, as it became known, were having a whole bunch of great internet folks come up and introduce themselves including Jon Hicks and Elliot Jay Stocks as well as meeting a bunch of other cool folk. Falling down the stairs before I left, bad times, I wasn’t nearly drunk enough for it not to hurt!

Day 2 Conference

Up early on Day 2 to get out and find a hangover cure for breakfast before heading to the conference venue to meet Sarah Parmenter and Tim Van Damme who incidently had us sitting in row 1, center stage!

I’d love to dive deeper into the great speakers and their presentations but Jeremy Keith did a great job of live blogging the whole conference. I will note my favourite presentations from Andy Clark, Andy Budd, Elliot Jay Stocks, Jon Hicks, Paul Farnell and Daniel Burka.

Day 2 Impromptu After-Party

After the conference Tim and I caught up with Simon Clayson, Jason Cale and the entire Erskine Design crew and headed for dinner at Pizza Express before a short trip to Soho for Pub Standards with Cole Henley which was buzzing with industry types that had escaped the bustling official After Party including Andy Clarke, Daniel Burka, and Jina Bolton.

Day 3 Home Time

My third morning in London saw me sitting in my hotel lobby reply to emails from the previous 2 days. Fortunately the FOWD Workshops were being held at my hotel and there was plenty of people around to keep me company. I had a good chat with Keir Whitaker from Carsonified, Adam Broadway from Good Barry and Elliot Jay Stocks before heading back to Kings Cross to catch the 4pm train home.

Kensington Close

All in all I had a fantastic time meeting everyone and can’t wait to do it again!

Downloads and Write Ups

The slides and MP3s from all of the conference presentations will be available to download on the Future of Web Design site if you are interested in them.

Other FOWD write-ups worth a read:

Looking forward to the next one!

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Tim Van Damme 20 April 2008, 08:53 #1

Couldn’t have said it better! Sam it was a real pleasure wondering through London with you and all the other design blokes. Too bad we all live so far from each other. A weekly meeting would be awesome… See you when I see you!

Keir Whitaker 20 April 2008, 09:01 #2

Great to meet you Sam, glad you enjoyed it all. Just downloaded Commented On and planning on giving it a spin this week. Hope to see you again soon, FOWA perhaps?

Simon Clayson 20 April 2008, 10:03 #3

Good to meet you too, and you managed to keep track of Team Erskine later on. Which demands respect on its own.

matthew Smith 20 April 2008, 18:31 #4

Oh the pain. The agony. My favorite city in the world. A great party to be had. Lots to learn. And I was sick at home in Greenville! (tiny violin playing in background).

Luke 20 April 2008, 22:45 #5

Sounds like a great show! Meeting all those cool cats too, I’m gonna start saving up no for next year.

Jason Cale 21 April 2008, 05:26 #6

Hey Sam,

Was awesome to meet you, was a rocking good time.

Take it easy, I’ll probably see you in a pub sometime in the future ;)


Ian Young 21 April 2008, 21:32 #7

Hey Sam, good summary of the event. It was great to actually meet people in person and a shame it comes and goes so fast. I hope the fall down the stairs wasn’t too bad. You may not have been drunk enough for it not to hurt but at least most people there were drunk enough not to notice. :)

Hopefully I’ll catch up with you again at the next event.

Elliot Jay Stocks 21 April 2008, 22:04 #8

Sam, it was great to meet you after so long. I’m just sad I didn’t get to spend more time with you, Tim, Sarah, the Erskine boys, et al. We must sort out a proper meet-up when I’m back in July; a pub-based venue where the music and crowds don’t get in the way of some good solid chin-wagging!

Adam Broadway 27 April 2008, 02:16 #9

For me a highlight of FOWD was catching up again Sam! Sydney misses you; lets meet there at another random, unplanned but mutually arrived at future time. Adam :)

Mel Kirk 28 April 2008, 04:31 #10

Great catching you Sam, hope to meet up again soon! :)

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