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My Bookmarks Bar in Safari

Below is a quick screenshot of my Bookmarks Bar in Safari.

Bookmarks Bar

I really wish it was possible to have favicons instead of characters/symbols, but then again that may be a little distracting. Still, food for thought.

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Patrick 7 May 2008, 07:13 #2

How can I enter these “characters” on my keyboard?

Thanks in advance

Jérôme Verzier 8 May 2008, 02:50 #3

I use the same technique for my bookmarks, but some glyphs don’t work in MobileSafari so we have to choose carefully.

Josh McMillan 10 May 2008, 19:00 #4

What is fever?

Sam Brown 11 May 2008, 21:59 #5

@Jérôme Good point, will have to be careful there!

@Josh Watch this space.

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