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New Apple Cinema Displays to be released soon

New Apple Cinema Displays are going to be released really soon! How do I know this you ask? Because I just purchased the 23” HD Display, and as with all of my previous Apple purchases new products aren’t far away!


That said, I am super happy with the current model which is absolutely gorgeous! :)

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Craig 12 June 2008, 05:09 #1

For all future Apple purchases, you might want to give this a once over. They recommend waiting as LCD updates are expected soon. :(

Sam Brown 12 June 2008, 05:14 #2

@Craig I’ve had my eye on the buyers guide for near 6 months now and it hasn't changed! The current model I love and have wanted for a long time! So, regardless of what the buyers guide said, I got fed up waiting and purchased the current model.

If they bring out a new model tomorrow, next week or next month I don’t think I will mind at all. This is the model I wanted and I really couldn't wait any longer. Plus, this is what I have come to expect from Apple. :)

No regrets purchasing this version at all. I love it.

Craig 12 June 2008, 05:28 #3

Cool… just trying to be helpful. Yeah, I’ve been holding off on picking up a new mini for at least a year now in hopes that wireless n and the GMA X3100 chipset will get added.

I agree about the LCD though, it is very sexy. Much better looking than my Dell E207FP.

Chris 12 June 2008, 12:11 #4

Sweet. I recently got this model as well. My wife walked in the door one day and surprised me—I was floored.

It’s a beautiful piece of work and makes working on a Mac even more of a pleasure!

Jorge Quinteros 12 June 2008, 15:01 #5

Boy I hope your prediction is correct. I have the exact same MBP setup that you currently have minus the Cinema Display because I was hoping new models would be release. After my the iPhone 3G purchase, I’ll have to give in to purchasing one of these displays if nothing else arises.

Shawn Blanc 13 June 2008, 06:47 #6

I sold my ACD with my Mac Pro just a little while ago and miss it like crazy. And you’re right, they are gorgeous.

Elliot Jay Stocks 30 June 2008, 00:01 #7

Is that faux-suede notebook a ‘Globe Trotters’ one from good ol’ W H Smith, by any chance? ;) I have one in A5 and one in A6, and love them possibly a bit too much.

Sam Brown 30 June 2008, 00:46 #8

@Elliot Jay Stocks It sure is, an A4 one. They are great, the only decent plain notebooks W H Smith have to be honest. :)

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