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EJS Appreciation Day on Flickr

So it’s a slow Friday morning when Sarah and I decide to have a little fun with a rather fetching photo Elliot Jay Stocks took of himself a day earlier. The idea caught on pretty quickly and the result:

From left to right; Elliot, Me, Sarah, Tim and Cole. Have a great weekend all.

Update: Seems this, dare I say it, meme is catching.

The ever illustrious Shaun Inman has joined in, while Jason Cale thought he could get away with deleting his, Hamish Macpherson says Inman made him do it, Sam Hardacre, Marko Mihelcic, Dan Rubin and Francis Booth. Anyone else? :)

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Sarah 27 June 2008, 05:14 #1

I’m the only one with a fringe and a beard, I win :-)

Sam Hardacre 27 June 2008, 05:34 #2

I’ve had a go but it’s a bit late now. Will get it up onto Flickr anyway

Jason Cale 27 June 2008, 06:08 #3

You caught me fair and square (I uploaded and then removed it).

The face needed a bit more noise .. oh well. :P

Elliot Jay Stocks 27 June 2008, 06:29 #4

Oh dear… I’ll never make this mistake again! :p

Top Photoshop work, people.

Dan Rubin 27 June 2008, 13:29 #5

Couldn’t. Help. Myself.

Hamish M 27 June 2008, 14:27 #6

Haha, this was fun! Kudos to all.

Francis Booth 30 June 2008, 08:08 #7

A tad delayed on the uptake (blame Glastonbury!) but why not! :)

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