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MATT from Carsonified - Hype Much?

I will bet I am not the only one thinking this, but do you not think that Carsonifieds new “web app” is a little bit too much hype and not enough substance? I mean really, how many people actually have multiple Twitter accounts?

Billed as “Multiple account twitter tweeting”, Ryan Carson and the gang spent the past 4 days creating a web app from the ground up, this they have to be congratulated for. Mike Kus’ design is not only gorgeous but has great character, Keir and Elliot look like they put some serious work into the backend, all of which has to be commended. But for a team of 10 people to drop everything and spend four days building an app that, let’s be honest, lacks mass market appeal in the Twitter-space, cost $10,000 and will likely see zero ROI, seems a bit superfluous.

I’m not wanting to rain on their parade, don’t get me wrong, Matt looks great and works perfectly fine and I absolutely respect Ryan, Keir and Carsonified, but like many others I was looking forward to their next big app-in-a-week just as much as the next person, but this... I was a little disappointed with.

Keir sums it up best himself:

The app is in many ways secondary to the experience. The end result showed how a team of people with diverse skills can pull together and achieve something great within a given time period.

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Jorge Quinteros 5 July 2008, 02:44 #1

With the way Twitter has been behaving lately, all sluggish and non-responsive, I doubt anyone would even be incline to have more than one Twitter account. I love the process they took and the site dedicated to introduce the app but I’m not as thrilled about the concept either.

Ryan 7 July 2008, 00:45 #2

Hey Sam,

We’re all about being creative. The end result wasn’t the point at all. If you’re asking what the ‘ROI’ is, your missing the point.

We knew from the beginning that the app wasn’t going to have mass appeal. We don’t care :) The whole goal was the experience.

The reason I mentioned the $10K number is because it would be dishonest to say it didn’t cost us anyting, as we still have to pay salaries.

The reason why there were so many people working on it, instead of just the core dev/design team, is because we wanted the whole team pitching in so everyone could learn what it’s like to build an app.

All the best,

Emily 24 July 2008, 03:36 #3

I have two twitter accounts! I use one to keep in touch a few of my closest friends who have no interest in my web/geeky rantings and the other to keep up with the web/geeky crew.

I agree that the app is wonderfully designed, but did also ponder all that hype going on about a simple web app – it just made me think of all the little web apps being made all the time by individuals, and we don’t even think about it.

But herein lies the point of Carsonified’s project – they wanted to expose all the work that does go in to the making of a web app. And in this they definitely succeeded. (I think we just all wish we could switch off all the emails and phones for a week a do it – and maybe we should.)

In terms of ROI – I think the success of the Carsonified brand shows that all these little extras that they do, from these week long projects (like the hug a laptop one last year) through their blog and twitter presence to the open fact that they subscribe to the 4 day work week plan, pay off. They are an interesting and dynamic company and are prepared to pay out and invest in the community, in order to get something back.

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