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No personal domain use with MobileMe?

“To use MobileMe’s push email service, you will need to use their domain. There is really no way to configure your iPhone to use the push email service without using the domain name. I agree that it is a really cool and short domain, but I am totally against the idea of using an email address that I have to pay for the privilege to use, since you’ll be stuck paying for a service just for its email address.” – Chris Erice

This is my main concern with MobileMe. Syncing is fantastic and what I really want from the service, but being locked into using their email address is a major turn off.

Temporary Solution

It is of course possible to set up your current domain to forward your existing emails to your address and then spoof the outgoing email address, but this isn’t true integration. This method is handy for the time being but it is ineffective when it comes to SPAM filtering that is server-side.

For now we will have to wait until Apple integrates this as a feature which we can only assume they will do as the masses cry out for it.

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Tim Van Damme 17 July 2008, 00:28 #1

Same here! Hey, if Google can do it, so does Apple (only prettier).

Andy 17 July 2008, 01:37 #2

I totally agree. I would probably even pay a little extra (probably…) for the feature, as the rest of it is really good so far.

However, until Apple offer this, you can forward your exisitng address to your address, and then set the outgoing mail server on your account in Mail, iPhone, etc to your proper email outgoing server (I’m using Google Apps For Your Domain). This gives you push email but you keep using your existing address.

I hope this makes sense.

Chris 17 July 2008, 02:23 #3

I agree with Andy, but with this one caveat—sending mail from the web interface uses the address. But other than that, mail sent from or your iPhone can be set up to use another address.

Mike Robinson 17 July 2008, 02:43 #4

We’ve been thinking about using MobileMe with the studio, but have exactly this concern. Andy’s method sounds good, though it would still be nice if it was part of the service.

Sam Hardacre 17 July 2008, 08:59 #5

That’s a real kick in the nuts. I’m not planning on getting an iPhone until September at the earliest and as time goes on I find out little things like this that make me question whether it’s worth forking out the cash for it >: (

Come on Apple get your shit together…

Phil Ash 27 July 2008, 05:51 #6

This is disgracefull – why would anyone want to change their email address over night???? Come on Apple – get the basics right and sort this out. Being able to use a domain name email adress is an extremely simple requirement…….

George 10 August 2008, 13:44 #7

Why the upset? Just get a personal exchange hosting account and forget MobileMe. That’s what I did and it works flawlessly with the iphone and with Entourage.

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