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Remindness Evolution of a Logo

Remindness is a small app that I created and have been using for some time to help keep myself on track with the multitude of tasks and projects that I have running concurrently. Wednesday saw a start to some initial design ideas that I would like to take across to the rather dull present interface, and what began as a regular conversation with Tim Van Damme sparked into something so much more.


The idea

My initial idea for the logo was a clock that was already just past closing time, something simple and quick that represented the need for short snappy updates, which is what Remindness is all about. The more I sketched and developed the idea further, into a completed comp I might add, the more I realised that a clock or time might give users a false expectation of a time management app. Scratch that.

The conversation

Skype and Tim come hand in hand, he’s always on, I’m always on, we’re usually always chatting about something or other, a secret project, what he just bought from Think Geek or how much trouble we are going to get up to at dConstruct with Elliot.

I mentioned to Tim my issues with my current logo and we bounced some ideas around, big scary thought inspiring words that cropped up included; progress, status, reports, multiple indicators, reminders & milestones. We talked about using different circles to represent different things, using a person with the face of a clock and a vast array of other options.

The evolution

So with my initial idea in hand and our chat window open Tim sneaked off and created a couple of logo ideas centred around a face with multiple indicators, what he came back with I really liked and so our Logo Tennisâ„¢ match was born. I took the logo modified it slightly, added the colour scheme I was heading towards and sent my volley back, what Tim responded with blew me away. I immediately fell in love with it, the 3D effect was perfect and thus the logo was born.

The splash

A few hours later I had incorporated the logo into my initial interface designs, I had created a splash page and with a neat little trick from Shaun Inman that I am sure he is about to write about had a working signup form that remembers if you have already signed up. So if you are interested in getting your hands on a copy of Remindness when it is available, be sure to subscribe!

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Tim Van Damme 14 August 2008, 02:29 #1

Yeah, you really know how to turn a design upside down ;-)

It was fun, as usual!

Elliot Jay Stocks 14 August 2008, 02:41 #2

It’s a good job I wasn’t involved in that particular Skype chat… I would’ve started moving the eyes outside of their containing head… ;)

Mike Robinson 15 August 2008, 04:01 #3

That is an awesome logo. I love it!

Sam Hardacre 15 August 2008, 04:51 #4

Great stuff mate! Love how you’ve explained the progression of ideas. The logo rocks!

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