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dConstruct Conference - 1 week later

Friday September 5th saw me attend my second conference of 2008, dConstruct in Brighton with fellow conference buddies Elliot Jay Stocks and Tim Van Damme.

Sam Brown and Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot and I windswept on the seafront.

The pre-party hosted by the cool cats at was a brilliant evening filled with meeting many a new face and old friend whilst sinking plenty of cold drinks, needless to say it was well into the small hours before we made our way home. This was no different at the after-party that started at Above Audio hosted by BBC Backstage & Yahoo! but quickly splintered off to the Old Ship Hotel’s quieter bar.

The conference itself was one of the best I have attended, Joshua Porter’s talk on Leveraging Cognitive Bias in Social Design was fantastic and a highlight of the event for me. Other speeches by Daniel Burka, Tantek Çelik and the Matt’s from Dopplr were also extremely good. Brain crushing speeches from both Steven Johnson and Jeremy Keith were a handful at times but I came away with something positive and useful from all of the different speakers. dConstruct 2008 was a conference well worth attending and you will definitely be seeing me there again next year.

Post-dConstruct Desk

My Post-dConstruct desk covered in schwag.

Whilst in Brighton I met and spoke to a lot of great folks, including: Mel Kirk, Filip Bunkens, Andy Budd, Keir Whitaker, Ryan Carson, Andy Lobban, Roan Lavery, Cole Henley, Sandy Logan, Jonathan Barrett, Marko Mrdjenovič, Daniel Burka, Ollie Kavanagh, Kat Neville and the mysterious, intelligent and hilariously funny linguist Raul, get in touch!

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Elliot Jay Stocks 11 September 2008, 02:34 #1

Ah, it was a good’n, wasn’t it? Hats off for using the ‘man business’ photo as well. ;)

Now, how did you manage to grab so much more schwag than I did?

Ollie Kavanagh 11 September 2008, 02:58 #2

It was a pleasure to meet you Sam, have to agree that Joshua Porter’s talk was the highlight for me as well with Daniel Burka’s. It was great to meet up with everyone again and hopefully a meet up can happen again soon! Hope your enjoying the goat (Kat did give it to you if I remember! ;))

Tim Van Damme 11 September 2008, 03:32 #3

@Elliot: Sam mentioned something to me earlier today about him being “an attention whore”. Don’t know if that’s got anything to do with the amount of schwag he received…

Besides that: Best times I had in ages! It was a blast hanging out with you guys, and I will do it again any time!

Mel Kirk 11 September 2008, 04:06 #4

Was great catching up at dConstruct Sam… hopefully we’ll catch up soon! (I think I’m just about recovered from the beers!) :)

Sam Brown 11 September 2008, 04:25 #5

@Elliot: Hah, “man business”. Still cracks me up.

@Ollie: For sure, was great meeting you guys and Kat’s Safety Goat is sitting right on my desk next to my new droplet.

@Tim: Thanks for taking the “attention whore” comment right out of context! :P Honest guv!

@Mel: Was great, although next time I’ll drink more at the after-party, not the pre-party. Hangovers are never fun.

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