Sam Brown

Twitter Favourites - Week ending 19th Sept

Some of my Twitter Favourites from this week.

“if you can’t see the value in a product, it probably holds none for you (not that it’s without value). just move along.” @shauninman

“Disable 3G and location services and battery life is great! Guess I have two 1st gen iPhones now.” @simplebits

“beware the potential client who wants a deal & those small projects. No matter what they say, they are always the hardest to work with!” @dkr

“The latte I just bought was half empty and a quarter foam. That leaves me with I don’t know what fraction because I DIDN’T GET ENOUGH COFFEE@thame

Did you favourite anything funny or memorable this week?

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.